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opportunities, creativity, people, innovation, technology, cooperation

Solelos is an innovation-driven company that provides resources and direction for cutting-edge technology projects and companies that are looking to reshape and advance the IT industry.

We believe that technology should serve the people, not the other way around. That is why we are strong advocates of emerging technology adoption. Moving technology from proof of concept to everyday use is essential for growth and advancement of our society. That's why Solelos wants to facilitate both the creation of products and education of end users, so they can better understand the innovation that a product brings.

Solelos wants to create collaboration and knowledge exchange opportunities with the purpose of not only celebrating uniqueness of all participants, but also acknowledging that together we can do far more.

Current projects

Blinking is a blockchain-based digital ID solution that offers businesses a KYC tool and GDPR-ready storage, and gives users complete control over their data. LEARN MORE
RealMarket is a secure and transparent blockchain-based platform supporting trust and communication to link startups with the investors, experts, and partners who can help them succeed. LEARN MORE

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